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SPEC (Special Purposes Exam for Chiropractic)

Price: $550


This is our ideal program for any SPEC candidate.  If you are able to sit for the exam during the NBCE June or December session, Irene Gold Associates holds a three-day program in Phoenix, AZ.

                                                                  November 15-17, 2024 

We start off by sending you the review notes so that you can get very familiar with the subject matter of the exams (you have been away from school for a while!)

The class runs an intensive three days.  After it ends, you can work on sample exams with feedback over email.  We have VERY high success with doctors taking this course of action. 

-- If you are unable to time your exam to suit this schedule, a second option is to enroll in one of the Irene Gold Part III Reviews.  Both Part III and SPEC test similar subjects, although the exams are in different formats.

If you sign up for the Part III review, please note that the review is multiple weekends long.