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The first time I took Part IV I took [another company's] review class and I got a 285...However, when I took part IV the second time with Irene Gold I received an amazing score of a 600! Irene prepared me well... All of the material that she went over was helpful and it made me feel confident while taking the test...Irene Gold will have you practice and practice until you can basically take the test in your sleep. I want to thank Dr. Irene Gold for all of her encouragement and help through such a stressful time. I was feeling disappointed in myself for failing the first time as I was a very good student. She helped provide appropriate test skills and helped me narrow down what I should be focusing on in order to do well on part IV. I highly recommend Irene Gold. Put all of your effort into her class and practice what she taught you as well as practice outside of class and you will do just as well!

Thank you for giving me the tools to become a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic!!

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Part IV