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K.D., DC

Thank you. I'm a recent graduate who had taken part 4 twice using 2 different 'Review classes' from other companies. My scores were so low and far from passing I was losing hope I'd ever pass and began looking into other future careers. I'd used your system on parts 1-3 and passed the first time every time. I don't know why I strayed from a system that works so well, but we live and we learn - lol. After your review for my 3rd attempt, I blew part 4 out of the water!! I can't begin to thank you and your staff enough. Dr. Donofrio and Dr. Jo [Kaleta] are the 2 best teachers I've ever had explain this info to me. Just thank you for being such an excellent review program and still holding live reviews. I'll tell anyone who asks (even if they don't ask) that Irene Gold is the way to go, best board review system out there!!!

Thank you Sincerely

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Part IV