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Part III of the National Board Exams, and the SPEC*

* SPEC = Special Purposes Exam for Chiropractors

Exam Information
Specific information about the exam with the board's dates and deadlines is available at the website for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Click here to be directed to their website. ( )

Repetition (Graduate registration only)
For additional assistance, if you would like to attend classes in more than one location to get the benefit of a repetition of the material you may do so during the same exam session at no charge. We suggest calling the office for help in scheduling.

The National Board requires that a candidate be requested to take this exam by the individual state they are applying to for licensure. You should check with the state board to determine what their requirements will be. If you are allowed to take the SPEC, you will be directed to apply to the National Board at that time. Information from the National Board about the SPEC exam can be found on their website at 

For Part I, II, III and IV reviews, we are so certain that you will pass after taking our class that we offer this guarantee. If you do not pass you can take the class again in the next board session for a $75 re-enrollment fee (one time only). If you require a retake, please send a copy of your board scores in to us by mail or fax with a printed registration form .